Water Gear Latex Cap Review

A great swim cap to use if you are on a competitive swim team is the Water Gear Latex Cap. This cap, unlike some of the other materials that are used, is very lightweight. Thus, it is ideal for swimming in warmer conditions.

The anti-tear edge greatly increases the durability of the cap, so it is guaranteed to last a long time. These caps are generally very cheap which means it’s easy to afford an assortment of colors. Water Gear boasts a large selection of colors including: black, forest green, navy, purple, white, yellow, blue, and red. They are a one size fits all, so you don’t have to worry about measurements. Because of the stretchy material, these caps fit very snugly over your head.

These latex swim caps are the best at reducing drag, making your movements more efficient which, ultimately, increases your potential speed. As far as my personal opinion, I find that this cap does a satisfactory job of keeping the water out of my hair, but does not cover my ears as well as others. This cap is really great to use in a  racing context, but I would not suggest using them constantly because they do tend to catch longer hair.

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