Aqua World Ultra Lycra Cap Review

The Aqua World Ultra Lycra Cap review tells you everything you need to know about this unique cap. Unlike other Lycra caps, the Aqua World Ultra is coated in polyurethane which provides this swim cap with the comfort of a regular Lycra cap, but with greater heat retainment.

This cap is very easy to put on and will not pull your hair.  It is a one sizes fits all cap and is particularly great to use for training (especially in cold water). It is not a very snugly fit cap, so I wouldn’t suggest it for a race, but is perfect for staying warm at practice.

It comes in a reusable zippered pouch and when properly cared for (not left in direct sunlight and rinsed thoroughly after each use in warm water with a little soap) can last for a very long time.

This cap is great for those of you who want a cap that doesn’t pull your hair, but that is highly water resistant. It is not guaranteed to cover your ears unless you use earplugs or take some sort of similar measures. It comes in black, navy, and royal blue. Overall, this cap is great for all swimmers, particularly those in cooler climates or who find themselves chilled easily.

Unfortunately, this cap is no longer being produced by Aqua World. The TYR Warmwear Swimcap is a good alternative.

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