Aqua Sphere Volume Long Hair Cap Review

Like most other caps produced these days, the new Aqua Sphere Volume Long Hair Cap is made from 100% silicone for durability and offers 100% UV protection. It’s an easy choice for folks with long hair of average thickness, but if you have extremely thick and long hair, you might be better off with a sized cap – like the All Star Bubble Cap – as the Volume Cap is considered “one-size-fits-all.”

As expected, the design features a roomier “pocket” at the back of the cap where a bun or pony tail would be tucked under, as well as overall “extra volume” for those with thick hair that can’t be contained at the back of the cap in a bun. But, don’t expect any miracles. If the Speedo Long Hair cap won’t fit over your hair, this cap won’t either. The biggest (and possible only) difference between the two is the textured underside featured on the Aqua Sphere Volume Cap.

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