Aqua Sphere Silicone Cap Review

The Aqua Sphere Silicone Cap is made with a great, comfortable material that is both durable and soft in texture. It is a one size fits all cap and boasts remarkable pliability and stretchiness.

As a swimmer with long hair, I have found that one of the best features of this cap is that it will not pull your hair while putting on or removing it. The curved edges allow for a snug fit that not only keeps water out, but fits nicely around your ears as well. The silicone material reduces drag more effectively than other types of cap materials such as Lycra.

This cap comes in a zipper bag so it can be reused easily and although it is a little bit more costly than others, it is definitely worth it. It comes in black, blue, red, and white. I would recommend this cap to any and all swimmers looking for that

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