All Star Bubble Cap with Straps

The All Star Bubble Swim Cap with Strap is an updated version of a tried and true design. Harking back several decades, the swim cap’s retro design is a great fit for fitness, recreational, and even competitive swimmers.

Comfortable Design

The All Star Bubble Swim Cap soft material is covered with small dimples. These dimples, or ‘bubbles’ allow the cap to stretch and contour to the curves of the head. This results in a more comfortable, snag-free fit that can adapt to most head sizes. The creped material is designed to slip on easily and won’t pull hair, making it ideal for swimmers with sensitive scalps or long hair. The Bubble Cap is available in a wide range of colors and three different sizes –small, medium, and large –, which help swimmers, get an ultimate customized feel.

Solidly Constructed

Unlike other caps that might rip and tear, the All Star Bubble Cap is very solidly constructed. The unique three-piece design includes the pliable, dimpled material, a strong strap fastener, and an adjustable chinstrap. While the head material is strong, the grommeted strap fastener is anchored to the material and helps keep the chinstrap comfortably and securely in place. All three of these features combine to create a well-built cap that can easily withstand the tugging and pulling caps are constantly exposed to.

Helps Keep Hair Dry

While no cap is designed to keep hair 100% dry, the All Star Bubble Cap comes about as close as anything available. There are 3 small ridges on the underside of the cap. These ridges help seal out water and keep hair as dry as possible. In addition to the soft ridges, the chinstrap’s solid construction and placement helps further keep hair and even ears as dry as possible. And because the strap helps keep the cap on during rough starts and turns, you won’t have to worry about the cap slipping off and your hair getting soaked while swimming.

RhyneMaiden Bubble Caps recently made an appearance on the scene also. They look and feel exactly the same, and they may very well come out of the same factory.

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